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A pouffe is a useful addition to any room. Handy for resting weary legs and feet on, putting trays of tea on, storing books magazines and tv remotes… a softer version of a coffee table. They are also great for using as extra seating.

Choose from contrasting or matching fabric, and make as squishy or firm as you would like. Sizes shown are standard but can be easily modified to your requirements.

Cube Pouffe More..
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Pouffe More..
Portfolio image


Cube Pouffe

Height: 47 cm

Depth: 56 cm

Width: 56 cm


Height: 42 cm

Depth: 54 cm

Width: 60 cm

Custom Design

The pouffess on our product pages are shown with standard measurements, but all sizes can be customised to match your exact needs. Perhaps you prefer your chair to have a deeper seat or a higher back – our aim is for everyone to sit comfortably.

Perhaps you prefer a three-seater and a two-seater sofa, rather than a traditional three-piece suite. Whatever combination you want, we guarantee your furniture will be everything you dream of.